House Rules
  1. All sessions will start promptly start at 6 p.m. on Sundays and last until at least 10 p.m., but no later than 11:30 p.m.

  2. We will be utilizing Actions Points from the Eberron campaign setting.

  3. 100XP per session for posting online. Deadline is 10 p.m. Saturday, so that if you gain a level from it you can apply it before Sunday. Must also be a reasonable amount of content. Two sentences does not count (unless they just happen to be the two most amazing sentences of all time).

  4. No XP will be earned for posting in the “Food” section, however this is strongly encouraged because come Sunday at 4 p.m. what food is there is what food we will have. There will be no interruptions to get food (see more on this topic below). An exception may be made for pizza, if delivered.

  5. There are several roles that need to be filled at the table and volunteers would be appreciated. These roles carry with them a 50XP bonus per session. These roles are:
    • Assistant DM: This person job will be to assist the DM in anyway they can, from setting up miniatures and drawing on the maps to helping other players with any character administration they may need.

    • Researcher: In the event of a rules discrepancy, this individual will be the person to look up the rule during a sessions. Additionally, to avoid table clutter, this person will also be responsible for all books and should hand them out as needed.

    • Session Manager: To keep people from constantly getting up and wandering around, this persons job will be to assist in setting up and maintaining the playing environment, to include refilling drinks and food and keeping the area clear of clutter.

    • Historian: What’s the point of playing a story telling game if no one remembers the story? The historian will keep notes on session activity, NPC tracking and general plot points. These notes will be passed to the DM inbetween sessions and between the two shall be posted for all to view.

    • Other: In the event that the above players can’t fill there role due to being involved in an event at the time, this person(s) will assume their role in the meant time.

  6. To avoid distractions and focus on game play, no laptops (save for the DM and maybe the historian) will be allowed (until/unless we go to a computer based file and map share, which won’t be for awhile if we do).

  7. Unfortunately, we have had issues with players either derailing the group or simply not participating. As a result, if a player insists on not being productive or contributing to the group in the slightest, they will first be asked to either cease whatever action they were taking (i.e. surfing the internet, falling asleep, reading a book, talking non-stop about certain body parts, etc.) or participate more. In the event that that doesn’t work, penalties will be applied in the form of XP lose, this varies on amount based on situation. A “curse” may also be applied to a character as a penalty for certain actions. This curse maybe removed once the action is remedied and the character completes a sub-quest to remove it. Lastly, and hopefully it would never come to this, the player may be asked to leave the game if the action proves to be that much of an issue. Whether or not that player can return will be decided at that time.

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